Dana took the time to carefully listen to some of the issues in my life and helped me to arrive at my own solutions. Most importantly she helped me to take the steps to make those solutions a reality.  At my job I was able to have the courage to pursue a higher position after receiving some valuable coaching from Dana.  I am happy to report that I got the job which is a better fit for me and is higher paying.  In my home, I was able to make some small changes that made a big difference about my attitude toward my surroundings and day to day outlook.   Dana's approach was to carefully listen to things troubling me and help me to find solutions and realize that I could take actions now which would make a difference to improve my life.  She helped to remove the blocks that were causing me to procrastinate and not address facets of my life that I was unhappy about.  Dana's coaching has been invaluable and I feel I truly benefited by working with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to make improvements in their life.

- Barbara H.


Having Dana as my life coach has given me new confidence and motivation to head in the direction I am meant to be going. As a person with lots of different possibilities for my future, it was refreshing to have her lay it all out on the table and help me prioritize what truly needs to be worked on, and in what order. She focused on what really mattered to ME. She showed me that it was only I that could make the change, and that it really is possible to be all that you ever dreamed...you just need to focus your energy into the right areas. This is what made the difference to me. I realized I had it in me all along, I just needed someone to show me how to let it bloom. Dana did that for me. 

This has been a huge help for me in focusing my energy into the right areas of my life, instead of spreading myself too thin and worrying I'll never get it all done. I highly recommend Dana as a life coach for anyone lucky enough to find her.

-Jeremy S.


I met Dana when I was going through one of the most challenging times in my life - divorce. I had three young children and a house that needed to be sold quickly and special items I had to part with that had been collected over the twenty plus years. My life felt unmanageable and very chaotic, and I didn’t know how much my life would change when Dana came into it with her immediate survival support. I owe so much to her, she was calm, made me feel safe and had a solution that always relieved stress and kept me going during hard times. She helped create a process for me to let go of things while still moving forward. She helped me come up with a plan to organize all the items that had collected over the years-the hand me downs, the antiques from my parents, the emotional and the physical things into groups. She empowered me to simplify things, and always made me feel sane when the external looked so insane. I remember sharing about going back to work as a Recruiter, and I remember Dana’s great support of me. I was nervous to go back to work and was challenged by technology. Dana helped walk me through setting up work equipment at my home, and even helped me evaluate different phone plans, wifi, anything that I felt overwhelmed about, Dana handled while empowering me to learn and know I can do these things.

Dana is a perfect blend of warmth; compassion and love mixed with let’s get this done/fix it/solution oriented. She helped my life move to a different picture while still keeping my eye on the prize—my three gorgeous children in a loving home. When I was so tired, she breathed air into me and kept me going, so that things could be as seamless as possible for the children and me.  Dana coached me on so much during this challenging time and she’s a natural friend and talented coach. She is passionate about helping, and her heart and talent is so huge.

- Andria D.


Dana is a force of nature. She helped me find several solutions for things that were causing me stress in my life. Her positive energy is infectious. She is also intuitive and genuinely wants to help those who cross her path live a happier life. I am grateful to have worked with Dana and would do so again!

- Kanica S.