Life and Business Coaching in Santa Barbara

Dana Delaney is a Certified Life and Business Coach based in Santa Barbara. She is a master at helping people evaluate where they are in life, find the next steps and succeed in whatever their goals may be. She helps people create a roadmap of where they want to go and how to make their vision a reality. Through a time tested streamlined approach to coaching she will help you identify and break down blocks and old beliefs. She will help you become more organized, focused, and productive. In working with Dana, you will learn to simplify life, rebalance priorities and improve communication both at home and in the workplace.  Her clients will tell you:

“Dana is a perfect blend of warmth; compassion and love mixed with let’s get this done/fix it/solution oriented. She helped my life move to a different picture while still keeping my eye on the prize—my three gorgeous children in a loving home.”

“She focused on what really mattered to ME. She showed me that it was only I that could make the change, and that it really is possible to be all that you ever just need to focus your energy into the right areas.”

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