Life and Business Coaching in Marin

Dana Delaney is a Certified Life and Business Coach based in Marin County. She will help you draw a roadmap of where you want to go and how to make your vision a reality. She helps people reach their highest potential with a time tested streamlined approach to coaching. Together you will focus on that roadmap and set specific goals that are measureable, achievable and realistic. You will identify and break down blocks and old beliefs and hence become more organized, focused and productive. In working with Dana, you will learn to simplify life, rebalance your priorities, improve communication and deepen your relationships. She will help you be the best that you can be. Her clients will tell you:

“Dana took the time to carefully listen to some of the issues in my life and helped me to arrive at my own solutions. Most importantly she helped me to take the steps to make those solutions a reality.  At my job I was able to have the courage to pursue a higher position after receiving valuable coaching.” 

“Having Dana as my life coach has given me new confidence and motivation to head in the direction I am meant to be going. As a person with lots of different possibilities for my future, it was refreshing to have her lay it all out on the table and help me prioritize what truly needs to be worked on, and in what order.”

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